LIFE Groups

Volunteer Needs

If you are new or newer to Third City Christian Church, here is a little information about the church and how you can get involved. Just click on I’m New.

I’m New!


LIFE Groups Coaches


Every coach will be assigned four group leaders. Coaches contact each of their four LIFE group leaders monthly in order to:

1. Nurture the Soul of Group Leaders

-Pray for you group leaders and shepherd them through struggles they may be facing

2. Develop the Skills of Group Leaders

-Review the LIFE group model with the leaders, celebrating their strengths and encouraging them                 in areas of struggle.

3. Build a Leadership Team

-Ensure future group leaders are being developed and be a resource to those who want to lead.

During the year coaches will meet with the LIFE Groups director on a Quarterly basis. Coaches must commit for 2 years.

Current Needs: 2 Women and 2 Men



LIFE Groups Training Teams


This team will help coordinate and plan both training events for group members and leadership and Groups Serve Day’s. They will help gauge the needs of groups and plan training events accordingly alongside LIFE Group’s director.

For each event, team members will meet a minimum of 3 times in order to plan and organize. Team members must commit to 1 year

Current Needs: 5 members

To volunteer, please contact Nick at 384-5038 or by email: adults@thirdcitychristian.org

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