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Monday response – July 19th

Sunday services bring a lot to the table. One thing that I find from each service is that worship should bring some kind of response. Beginning today, I am creating an opportunity for a Monday response.

I have found so often that a missed opportunity to respond to God can create a hole that needs to be filled. If God is calling you to get plugged into a support system, but you avoid the call, the void will become even greater throughout the week.

So ask yourself, what were you prompted to do as a result of yesterday’s service? Have you found a place to plug in yet? Are you needing to serve as an act of worship? Do you need to sing a new song? Whatever it is, God is calling. It’s up to us to pick up the phone and answer. If you need a place to plug in, so that you may draw closer to God through fellowship, community, prayer,  and study, now is your time. Don’t avoid God’s call to a greater life in Him.

Here is a link to a simple form you can fill out to get plugged in:

Or feel free to call the church office! Now is your time!


It’s Monday: What does worship look like today?

For too many protestant, faith driven people, Sunday marks the end of weekly worship. We throw all of our eggs into this basket. It’s our day of rest, and by rest I mean, let’s get all the yard work done. It’s our day of service, and by service I mean let’s help in the nursery at church. It’s our day of prayer, and by prayer I mean just sit quietly while the preacher is closing in prayer. It’s our day of sacraments, and by sacraments I mean lets down the the little biscuit and juice cause I didn’t get breakfast this morning. It’s our day of worship and by worship I mean stand up, sing two songs, sit down and sing two songs.

Does this routine sound familiar? If it does, than you’re not alone. There are a lot of people today who carry on like this week to week. Packing our Sunday’s with a “checklist from God” doesn’t mean that God likes what we are doing.

Scott made a great comment last week regarding worship. He said, “worship has been going on for eternity, we are merely joining in.” While our worship may all too often hinge on a our calendar, worship exists as long as God exists.

So, it’s Monday. What does worship look like today?

Worship today is being thankful for your first breath. It’s praising God for the rain! Worship is letting a coworker have the last cup of coffee in the pot. Worship is listening to a friend who is in a hard time. Worship is joining with your LIFE group to pray with and encourage one another. Worship is sharing a devotional time with your family before bed. Worship is needing God.

Worship can be so many things. I read this quote last night from AW Tozer, which I just love. He says, “God doesn’t need anything nevertheless He wants worshipers.” Next time you try to stuff your Sunday with all your worship, remember, you have six more days that God is wanting your worship.

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