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meaning of Christmas

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I can’t say that my Christmas this year has been anything other than unusual. Sure, last year I thought things were off when I spent an hour in the car with my wife and dog in white out conditions stranded on a country highway, but compared to this year, that was somewhat normal. I have been trying to redefine what Christmas is and its been pretty tough to be honest.

For years, I thought that Christmas was all about coming home to family and sitting around a table to enjoy a family meal and then over to the tree to exchange gifts. The essence of family was at every turn and with every piece of pie or cup of coffee. Even in our blizzard last year, we were able to spend it with my wife’s family, whether we wanted to or not. We were stuck!

This year I have had to adjust what Christmas means in my head. I have learned more this year that it means loving one another than anything else. Since Christmas Eve, I have spent countless hours being by my dad’s bed in the hospital. I could never have imagined this would be what my Christmas was like, but now in retrospect I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The fact is I am with my family.

It’s been hard on all of to struggle with the idea that Dad will never remember this Christmas, nor do we know when he will get to come home, or if he will. What we do know is that we are family this Christmas, whether in a hospital room or around the dinner table at home.

I wonder if what I am feeling now was a little like what the disciples felt when they were spending their last meal together the night before Jesus was crucified. They sat their laughing, sharing, loving one another has friends and family. They sat with Jesus and they broke bread with him and drank too. They enjoyed every minute of that meal together and while it was their last, they made every second of it count.

So at Christmas, I have learned to spend it with those you love and like the disciples did, make every second count. You never know when it will be the last meal you share.

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A Note for the Guys…

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve been in the depths of football season now for several weeks. It’s our favorite time of year! Championship games for College Football are in beginning this next week and in the pro’s things are just beginning to get interesting. You can bet I’ll be watching till my Packers get another Super Bowl ring!

This time of year is also very important for many wives. My wife is included in this. My weekends tend to revolved around the television and whether the game is on ABC, ESPN 1 or 2, or NFL Network. The few times I get up from there are for lunch and dinner and bedtime and church. Then I am back at it.

I’ve been challenging myself and others recently to think about whether we are doing everything we can for our wives. This doesn’t mean turning off the tv for good, but it means show your wife how much she is worth by putting her above your favorite team.¬† My bet is, she wants you to enjoy it, but she also wants you. She needs your help, and from time to time she needs you to leave behind the game (even though its tied in the 4th quarter with :45 left) and come help her.

In our house its becoming more and more like Christmas. My wife is amazing at turning our house in to a tasteful reminder of how sweet Christmas is. However, she needs my help. If she needs me to put some lights on the house, help with the Christmas tree, or start washing dishes so everything is right when the family comes, then I will.

You can ask my wife, I am not perfect at this, in fact she may not even know that I challenge myself with this thought very often, but its my duty and my privilege to give my wife the #1 spot over my team and my weekend.

If you are learning how to be more supportive to your wife, I recommend you read For Men Only by Jeff & Shaunti Feldhahn. They will give you great wisdom on what your wife needs from you. So whether you are in the first 5 years of marriage or you’ve been around the block a few times, these are insights you need to know about.

the Holiday Blues

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Many of look fondly on the upcoming holidays and think of the great times we will share with our loved ones as well as many of our friends. We will share meals, laughter over a hot cup of coffee, or exchange gifts with our children or siblings. It’s a great time of year! However, not everyone gets to share in the same kind of joy over the holidays. In fact many don’t get to share in a turkey dinner or able to exchange gifts. As we all know times have been tough lately. For some times have been really tough.

I encourage you over the next couple of months to find someone who will won’t be able to treat themselves to a fancy meal or to gifts at Christmas and give them an experience they won’t soon forget. Be a blessing to a family who is need this year. There are many opportunities that are available to do this. So, if you are reading¬† this and times haven’t been so tough for you this year, lend a helping hand. Give someone a real Christmas blessing!

For more information, please call Nick at 384-5038. We will get you all the information you will need so you can help someone enjoy their holiday as much as you will this year!

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