Third City Christian Church – Life Groups FAQ

What are LIFE groups?

LIFE groups (formerly small groups) are small community’s of people like you who gather on a regular basis to for the purpose of building relationships, studying God’s word and living out the great commission. LIFE is an acronym which gives you a detailed description of what our goals in these groups are.

L= Living for Christ
I= Inspiring others through our lifestyle
F= Fellowshipping with the body
E= Encouraging others in their faith

How do I join a LIFE group?

There are a couple of different ways you can get involved.

First, we hold a quarterly LIFE groups Connection Event. At this event, we ask all attendees to commit to a seven week “test drive” of a group. At the end of seven weeks, it will be up to the group itself whether or not it continues to meet. If it does continue, it will in accordance to the LIFE group model.

If a group decides not to continue to meet, it will be important for those individuals to reconnect at another Connection Event or to participate in our Adult Ed program.

Second, if you have a friend or friends that are in a group, we encourage them to invite you to join them. Now, adding to a group is typically a group decision. The reason for this is after meeting for a given time frame, a group begins to spiritually grow closer to Christ, but also, to one another. They begin forming bonds and trust over time. When a group adds on, it needs to be done with the utmost sensitivity of the group. Not only for the unity of the group, but also for the new member as well. They must enter with a confidence that the group is supporting their presence and be able to participate with a great sense of trust.

Thirdly, we will encourage our Adult Ed classes that have been meeting together to take the next step and form a LIFE group. This happens when the particular group has formed a strong bond within the context of the class. We believe this is a great way to form groups, but because of the class context relationships are not always built in a way that is compatible with a LIFE group.

How do LIFE groups fit into my overall spiritual journey?

We emphasize four main areas of growth. First is to plug into a local body, being active in a church will open up many opportunities. Second, while attending services is a great thing we are called into a life of obedience to Christ. Christ desires to come into your life and cleanse you from your sin and heal you of your brokenness. It is up to us to follow Him and live a life like His, which means that we are to follow His example.

Third, once we have connected to the body, and connected ourselves with Christ, we need to be in a place where growth can occur. This happens in LIFE groups. These groups will surround you with those who are on the same journey as you are. They will encourage you in your growth and pray for you just as you will have the opportunity to encourage and pray for others.

Finally, we are called to serve others. Jesus says the harvest is great, but the workers are few. In our obedience to Him, we also encourage you to serve just as Christ served. There are many ways to serve in the body, in the community or on short or long term mission’s trips. We encourage you to seek out opportunities, especially in areas in which you are gifted.

What can I expect in my LIFE group?

Each LIFE group has its own personality made up of the individuals within the group. That is the great thing about group life. You make it into what it is! Typically, a group will have a couple different areas of focus. These areas include: fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and serving.

How often do LIFE groups meet?

LIFE groups will typically meet weekly. They meet on all different days and times. Many groups choose to break during the summer, but it is not necessary. Often groups find the summer a great opportunity for service projects and fellowship outings.

I have young children, is there childcare available?

Childcare is left up to the group itself. Many groups will meet while their children are attending Wednesday night children’s activities at the church (SHINE). It is important to know that if you are not able to find childcare on your own, we do not want that to restrict you from joining a group. In that situation, please contact the church for assistance.

Why don’t LIFE groups meet at the church?

Actually there are several groups that do meet at the church. We do, however, restrict which days that can meet. Several of our women’s and young mother’s meet at the church in order to utilize the onsite nursery for their children. These groups have their own childcare provider. Wednesday night and Sunday mornings are utilized only for our Adult Ed and Sunday school courses. We do this because our adult classroom space is very limited and as the church grows, it is important to keep those classrooms available for newcomers to the church who are just getting involved for the first time.

Who can be involved in LIFE groups?

Our LIFE groups are for any adult. We offer groups made up of men only, women only, married couples, co-eds, mothers, as well as support groups.

Are there LIFE groups for my teenager?

We want your teenager to be involved. Our student ministry, Element provides great opportunities for worship, fellowship and LIFE groups with other teenagers.

Why is the name of our group’s ministry going from Small Groups to LIFE groups?

When it comes to group life, it is vital to have purpose. While Small Groups had a purpose, it was only evident to those participating in them. LIFE groups bring the purpose through the whole church. When a person asks about LIFE groups, we are able to tell them that they are about: Living for Christ, Inspiring others through that lifestyle, Fellowshipping with other believers, and encouraging those around us. This methodology brings not only clarity to our vision, but it also brings a purpose that is understood by all.

Where can I go to get more information and the latest news about TCCC LIFE groups?


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