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The puzzle of marriage

A thought occurred to me today about marriage. It’s not that it was anything special, but I think its a very good and very easy way to explain what marriage is like. Marriage is like a puzzle. Not just any kind of puzzle, but a very specific kind. This is a puzzle you may have grown up with and can be found in maybe millions of homes in the United States. It’s the Rubik’s Cube. This is a simple, yet highly complex toy.

According to Wikipedia, the Rubik’s Cube was developed by Erno Rubik in 1974. “Each of the six faces is covered by nine stickers, among six solid colors (traditionally white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow). A pivot mechanism enables each face to turn independently, thus mixing up the colors. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be a solid color.”

Of course, I would bet that if I were to have handed you a Rubik’s cube, I wouldn’t need to clarify how to use it or how to solve it…if you can. It’s obvious to so many people to follow the original design of the cube and begin turning and rotating each level of cubes in hopes to begin to match colors on each side.

If I can hand you a toy such as the Rubik’s Cube and you know that in order to solve it you follow the original design of Mr. Erno Rubik, why is it so many people upon marriage don’t bother to listen to the original designer of it. Is it because we don’t have time to read the instructions? Or is it that we know what is best in our marriage and so we starting turning and rotating each side in hopes that we can solve it our way. Maybe we think we can cheat our way through it and just remove and reapply each colored sticker on a coordinating side.

If you were this latter person, what would Mr. Rubik say about you? Would he congratulate you for a job well done? I doubt it.

Every Rubik’s cube does have an answer to it. When following a certain pattern of design, it is solvable.

I will challenge you in this, just like every Rubik’s Cube, every marriage also has an answer to it. When following a certain pattern of design, it is solvable. Will you take the time to read the instruction manual of use for your marriage? Will you take the time to put the time each marriage takes to find the answer?

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LIFE in marriage

August 3, 2011 1 comment

Ever since TCCC introduced LIFE Groups, this has what I have shaped my ministry around. I have been as intentional as I can with making sure we have a proper path for every adult to: Live for Christ, Inspire others in their lifestyle, Fellowship with the body, and Encourage others in their faith. I believe, this is a great model for everyday life for any individual. It’s a challenge to acknowledge what we are doing with our life and making sure it is on course with what Christ wants from those who follow him.

At the same time, I am passionate about fruitful marriages. Not just those that produce children, while a blessing, I am talking about the type of marriage that leaves a legacy. So how does LIFE fit into this kind of marriage? Well, I was inspired this morning to write on this to clarify the issue.

What is LIFE in marriage? I read an article that talked about how mens and womens ministry, while productive and allow for in depth accountability, don’t help couples learn to live together. I think to a point this is true. The primary issue I see here locally though is the fact that for every 4 women involved in women’s ministry, there is 1 guy. This is a problem.

I enjoyed the fact that at the end of the VBS program at TCCC last week, Scott said to the crowd something like, “We love teaching your kids, but you need to be the spiritual leaders.” I knew that he was talking straight to the fathers in that room. It’s true in the USA that more women attend church and get involved in their church then men do. Why is this? Men are too busy doing the real important things like working and mowing and not taking advantage of their time to be the spiritual leader.

So LIFE in marriage becomes more of a need than ever. This model in our marriages becomes influential to those around us and causes us to turn to God’s word as opposed to ESPN. What does LIFE in marriage look like? It looks like this: Living for Christ, Inspiring others through our marriage, Fellowship with other couples in the body, and Encouraging young couples in their faith and in their marriage.

LIFE in marriage is not just what I say you should do, or even what some of the preacher says for you to do. In fact, a good pastor will never convince you to do anything that originates from them. They are only a tool and mouthpiece for the Word of God. They want to introduce you to living out what the Bible has called us to.

When both men and women take their marriage seriously, they will realize that their marriage is bigger then both of them combined. Marriage is bigger than two people who love each other, but it is about two people entering into a covenant with God. This covenant allows us to live a life that defies what the world says about marriage and shows that while marriage takes work, it is in fact the greatest way two people can experience God.

The Old Testament writers who spoke of marriage understood this. Did you know the Hebrew word for marriage is also the same for “Holiness”? Think about this. What does this mean for your marriage? Take time this fall to work together in your marriage. Break the trend of fewer and fewer men being involved in the church. Take charge of the spiritual leadership of your home. Jesus said it best when describing the greatest leaders, “The greatest is the least.” In otherwords, be a servant of your family and you will be a great leader.