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Hope Unseen

I wonder what hope looks like. Is it a light at The end of dark tunnel? Or is it a new life when all you have known is death? Whatever it is, i wonder if it’s something i have seen or maybe just something that i have felt.

Sometimes it’s easier to see the hope other people posses, but not the hope that manifests itself in my own life. Whenever i think of hope i try to believe that it’s a place of happiness and of peacefulness. Is that what hope is?

Sometimes i think that hope can’t even be seen. I think that even if hope slapped me in the face i wouldn’t recognize it. More than that, i think that i wouldn’t understand hope. How do you define something you cannot see, but something you read about. How do you define something that seems to elude this person but not the next.

I don’t think that hope and wishes are the same. If they were then hope might look like a delicious stuffed crust pizza, and honestly, that would be disappointing. Its not about what i want hope to be but more about what i need hope to be. What do you need it be? Do you need hope? Or are you lost in the wants and merely want hope like you want something to drink. There is a difference.

I heard once that hope came dressed a a man. This man lived a perfect life and died for you and me on a cross. Is this the hope you and i need? I think its definitely worth looking into. What else has been offered up as hope?

What i hope for is much deeper than anything that i could wish for, its much deeper than anything i can hold in my hands. My hope can only be fulfilled by something i don’t even understand. That is why it is hope. Hope is unseen, and definitely not understood. But hope is available.

I just need to realize that hope is something great. It does exist. It just came in a form of our need and not our want it came in a form that we do not yet understand fully. It was not created in my own mind, but in my creators mind.

This hope unseen is exactly what i need, and whether or not i know it, everything i want.

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