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There is a Plan

How many of us face challenges and trials on a weekly basis, but often will come through it wondering why it’s necessary to endure such things?

This was my sentiment almost one year ago. My wife and I dealt with some pretty heavy stuff. It stirred our emotions, our hearts cried out, and it  seemed like there was no reason for it. In heat of the moment we can all be blinded by the chaos that is front of our eyes. However, if we are able to see past it, we can begin to see that plan. Even in the most challenging times, can you trust that God has a plan and a design?

My wife and I are knee deep into marriage ministry this month. There is nothing like marriage that can stir people’s emotions, stretch their patience, and sometimes rip into their hearts. Most married couples on the outside look pretty normal. They think what they don’t deal with won’t hurt them. They are afraid of the ramifications of dealing with an issue, yet they know if they don’t it could end in disaster.

I met a couple this weekend who was under this impression. They slowly drifted apart and eventually became two different people. The natural drift toward isolation that a couple experiences is as sure as a rivers current. Eventually, they started taking their marriage for granted and stopped investing in it. They turned on one another and it got ugly. Before they knew it they were seperated and filling out the divorce papers.

“How did we get here?” Too many ask this question. Did you know there is a plan for marriage? Did you know that the creator of the Earth, of humanity, of everything also took as much time when he planned marriage? To acknowledge there is no hope for your marriage is acknowledging God is not God. When you say there is no hope, and when you believe you can’t see through the chaos, you are believing the God of the universe is not big enough to fix what he designed perfectly.

Think about that for a moment. The same God who is creator, who parted the Red Sea, who sent His son to die for us on the cross designed marriage. He has a perfect plan for it. Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to take part in it? How many of you would take your broken SUV to Starbucks for repairs? None of you. So we do we insist on not taking what God originally created back to Him when its broken? Whenever something breaks, always take it back to the designer. They had a plan, so does God.

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