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Setting some rules

We all bring expectations to just about anything we are a part of. I do mean everything. When you head to the mall, you are expecting to find something you like, and if you don’t you walk away unhappy. When you arrive at church you are expected to be greeted by someone at the door or you are expecting some kind of holy moment that will help you feel closer to God. Small Groups are no different. You bring a group of people together and you have certain expectations that will help you feel that your time isn’t wasted.

What are those expectations? Are they sensible? Or do they keep you from finding some real? We all need to be able to establish some ground rules within our groups. If you are attending something where time and time again you are dissapointed, its clearly not working out for you. Most likely becuase your expectations are not being and there are no rules established.

You might be thinking, “Why do we need rules?” We work best when there is order. You go to work and you work within given parameters. In sports, the players have rules they need to follow. Rules are everywhere. They are healthy to have!

Next time your group meets, talk about what everyone expects of their group. What are the rules you need to establish for yourselves? This is a group effort. Rules are only functional when everyone agrees on them. If you are the quiet one in your group, this is your turn to speak your mind.

Once your rules are set, your group will find new life. It will become a place of met expectations. If you know the group will be done by 8:30, you don’t need to worry about being late to your next appointment. If you reveal  some things about yourself, you don’t need to worry about who else outside of your group will know about it the next day. It’s about building trust in the group and having a group you can rely on in all situations.

For more information about Setting Ground Rules, check out ReGroup by Cloud, Townsend, and Donahue.

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