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I love A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S.!

It’s always interesting to see younger people text on their phone’s and on facebook. (wow, I am making myself sound old.) It’s almost as if they are typing in codes and acronyms. Personally, I keep my acronym use simple. If it’s not BLT, BBQ, USA, GI I probably don’t use them. So, I am going to challenge myself to create a new one. It’s a long one, but I might be able to get something good out of it.

I have been thinking a lot about the relationships we create with those around us. My last few posts have revolved around the idea of being real with others. Obviously this is a key ingredient to any good relationship. So, let’s see if I can get an acronym out of RELATIONSHIP.

R – Real. Relationships are and need to be real. The authenticity of your relationships often will say a lot about you. For example if you have surface relationships, you are probably a person who doesn’t like to open up. However, the opposite is true. If your relationships run deep, then you are a person who is not afraid to be vulnerable and to be real with others.

E -Easy. I have found the more real I become with those around me, the easier my life is. If I spend all my energy trying to create a facade or to hide who I really am, I become exhausted, frustrated and really I become a person that is no longer likeable.

L – Love. Relationships are all about the love. It’s because that God loved us that we may also love. It’s one of the greatest things we have been given.

A -Accepting. This might be a harder one. I want to make a distinction accepting is not enabling. Accept the person for who they are. You don’t need to accept what they do, but any relationship is built by getting past the little things that drive us up the wall, but understand that we are all sinners in need of a savior.

T -Truth. All relationships are based on truth. You won’t last in relationship built on false realities or lies. It’s those close relationships especially which are built on the notion that I am not going to be someone other than who I really am.

I -Inspiration. A good relationship is always inspirational. Why else do we “ooh” and “awww” when we hear about an old couple celebrating 50 years of marriage. It gives us great hope in our relationships.

O -Ornery. A good relationship has much laughter in it. Someone who likes to have fun will always have a great relationship.  Laughter generates something special inside us. It gives us new light on a day and eases our spirits in hard day.

N -No. The best relationships carries can carry the weight of love. Even when that love demands you stand up to something that is bound to tear that relationship apart. It gives you the peace of mind to say no to someone who needs to hear it without breaking the relationship apart.

S -Spiritual. Relationships are spiritual. Christ came to this earth and built relationships. He came to tell the  truth, but the relationships he had could get through anything.

H -Hope. Hope brings a bright future. Relationships provide hope. It’s about knowing that those people who are closest will be there for you through anything. They bring hope when everything else seems so dark.

I -Isolation. If you have ever felt alone, a good relationship will bring you out of isolation. It gives you assurance that you are never alone. We were not meant to love in isolation and therefore we have been given a great opportunity to connect with people whom we know will always be there.

P – Perseverance. Good relationships endure just about anything. Even in Christs last moments, his followers denied him, we know that there is always forgiveness to be found. It’s satans goal to think that relationships weren’t meant to with stand pressure, but sure enough they can with stand anything.


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