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the BIG ‘D’

These three words, “the big D”, bring up all sorts of connotations in our mind. Immediately most of think about divorce. That is what we’ve been trained to do. However, when you begin think about divorce, you may as well turn your thoughts on to death as well. I remember the country song from several years back, “I’m going to the Big D, and I don’t mean Dallas” were the words that almost began to glorify divorce. It’s like we have this thing that for so many years was looked upon as an outrage, or by many a sin, and we put it into  a catchy tune and look what’s happened.

Now, while divorce is such a hefty topic, I actually don’t want to talk about divorce. I want to talk about another ‘D’ word: Decision.

Let’s talk about the decisions or the choices that we make. As I look more into marriage ministry and marriage statistics, my counseling sessions and all the reading I do in publications on marriage I see one main point. The point I see is on the decisions we make.

I’ve seen couple make a decision on giving up on a marriage. I have seen individuals make decisions on having an affair. I have seen individuals put pride along with an assortment of other items in front of their marriage. I have seen couples also make decisions to sacrifice for their marriage. I have seen them make the decision to work hard on their marriage. I have seen couples who decide for their marriage, not against it.

It’s the decisions we make in our marriage that will say a lot about us in the end. What decisions are you making in yours? Maybe your single and reading this. What decisions now are you making to ensure that your marriage will be one you can be proud of. Everyday we have a decision to make. Everyday, God challenges you and I with a decision to either follow Him, or go along our own path. It’s our decision.

If you have been challenged by what I’ve been writing on marriage, I want to hear from you. What decisions are you making? How is making the right decision affecting you, how about the wrong decisions?

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