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Giving Thanks in all Seasons

I think the hardest part about the holiday season is when you are not with the people you want to share it with. I am not necessarily sure, however, that this is any different from other parts of the year. When people gather, you do tend to notice the holes. Maybe its someone who is out of town, or maybe just left for college, maybe you have experienced loss this year. Whatever it is I share the your sorrow with the hole your bear.

It is good though to understand this hole. Small Groups practices often encourage a meeting to leave an open chair. This is for multiple reasons. First, as a reminder that their work is not done. Someone may need to enveloped into the group in order to continue to grow. It’s also a good reminder that the seat is reserved for Christ. His seat is the most important.

As you celebrate this holiday season, I ask you if you the hole that has been left can be filled by Christ? I bet if you really let him come fill it for you, things will become right again. You could almost say it is a “God shaped hole.” Let’s celebrate the holidays with the good memories and celebrations that we have shared together, and let us rejoice in the fact that God is with us.

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