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Community is Everything

The last week has been full of conversations about life, death, marriage, divorce, and everything that might in between. In all this, I have realized once again how much of a need we all have for community. We have a need for friends that understand our needs. We have a need for companions who are with us through thick and thin. Whatever state of life we are in, community is everything. I have attended two funerals in the last 4 days. In the midst of these funerals I have had several conversations about life and death.

Life is always worth living, but then again, most of us know this. Whether we are in a season of loss and grief or in a season of joy and laughter. Life is a gift from our Creator and a gift that we should hold carefully each and every day. However, a life lived without the joy of sharing it with another is no life at all. Life in isolation is not a life living up to its design.

All life does come to an end and its in that end that we truly discover what life was all about. Whether we are reading an obituary of events gone by or if we are reminiscing about a parent or a friend or a loved one and all the good times, we know that life is finally realized when it is too late. Those whom we join together with in this life are too often taken for granted until they are gone. Then we realize the emptiness that a friend who is no longer their leaves behind.

Community is everything. If you are not sharing this life with others, think about how you want to be remembered. Do you want to be remembered as someone who shared their life with others or as someone who wasn’t really known? Now’s the time to become exactly who Christ intended you to be. Now is the time to discover what life is all about!

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