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Reaching the Masses

I love all the conversation about how to effectively minister to so many people at once. Think about this…20 years ago, we could only minister to people whom we were seeing face to face. Hopefully most of you are old enough to remember this time. It was just shortly after the dinosaurs disappeared.

Anyways, nowadays things are very different. We reach people in a number of ways. We reach people through email, through Facebook, through twitter, through blogs and you tube posts, etc. Are any of these effective though? Well, maybe. I think the online world has given us the opportunity to spread a few more seeds. What I mean is we used to have to hand sprinkle the seeds as we went along. Now, the internet has given us an opportunity to utilize a spreader! Ah yes, a giant seed spreader!

Don’t get me wrong, nothing can or should ever replace human contact. I believe that we should really be making our greatest impacts in this way. How can we use both methods effectively? That is the real question.

You probably all have friends and acquaintances that dabble in the online world. Reach out them and then bring them in to real face to face contact. You see, this is the core of the who we are. It’s about the ability to build relationships with one another. It’s sharing the good news with the person right in front of you.

If you are lost in the online world, its time you made contact with flesh and blood. It’s time you responded to how God created you. He did not create you to be alone. And yes, even though you have 800 friends on Facebook, it is possible for you to be alone. We are meant to live in community, we are meant to be in the presence of other people who can know more about us than our activities, our likes and our political and religious view and of course our latest relationship status.

If you are in the Grand Island area, or if you have friends who need to be with people, tell them about our next Group Connection Event on December 12th. Just click on the Group Connection link above. It’s time to show them what real relationships are all about!

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