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An Investment for the Books

What are you investing in?

I am not asking about your Starbucks or your Microsoft stocks though. I am asking about your eternal investment. For the last year or more I’ve had in my email signature (that static ending to every email I send) “For His Kingdom”. What does that mean though? I have to look at how I am investing in “His Kingdom” and what the impact of that is. The funny thing about this investment is, you don’t get a monthly update on your Kingdom portfolio.

Our investments into the Kingdom of God aren’t seen until heaven. So, for those of you who might be expecting payback, you’ll be waiting for longer than you want. Then again, why is it you are expecting anything? I think about all the times that I have given it my all to plant a seed of encouragement or a seed of wisdom and just hoped and prayed that a person would come to see it grow in their life.

It’s like the parable of the talents. These men had been given much, but what did they do with it? Two of them actually did see return on what they had been given, but what about the last guy. What did he get in return? Nothing. He buried the talents. For what? Who knows. God has gifted each of us with so many talents. Maybe your talent is time or resources, or abilities. How are you using that to impact the Kingdom of God? What eternal investments are making now?

If this is a new concept for you, don’t fret. There is still time to invest in the Kingdom. There is still time to take what God has given you and use it for His purposes.

In three weeks on Saturday, October 16th, you’ll have an opportunity to invest your talents into the kingdom of God. As Jesus’ hands and feet, come and serve with me and many others to show the love of Christ to those who may not know him.

Choose to make a difference by investing in something new. Invest in the Kingdom. I promise you, the payback is huge! You may have to wait for it, but a treasure in heaven is greater than the greatest riches on earth.

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