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Lessons from a boy named David

I love digging into the Old Testament. It’s a great reminder of God’s promises, of God’s forgiveness and of the people God used. David is one of those people who I am often inspired by. Not necessarily for the great things that he has done, but more for the mercy that he was shown on a daily basis. I’ve found myself in so many situation where I thought my life was ruined, yet when I look at God I gain a sense of hope that I have not found anywhere else.

David was a the typical person that God used. Someone no one was expecting. He was the yo0ungest and smallest in his family. He was the last person anyone would have expected to be used in such big ways by God. During the episode of fighting Goliath, he is told the “he is just a boy.” Those five words sting. When I hear those words I think that I am too weak, to small, to inexperienced, not good enough, and can’t succeed. In otherwords, I am useless. They are the words that non one wants to hear.

David seemed to be inspired by what was goign against him. He seemed to thrive off of it. In an argument with his brother, he tries to explain all that he has done in killing  lion and how Goliath will be just like that. His brother tears him down though saying he is not good enough. That would have beat my confidence down enough to force me out, but not David. He kept on. He had the one thing on his side that could not be defeated. He had God. He knew that God does not lose and will never be defeated. He took that confidence with him and won!

A while later, when David was at his peak, we saw a different side to him. We saw that while he was King, he was still just a man. He failed God and failed those around him. The slippery slope got the best of him and he was on the road to isolation. He was alone in his struggles and quickly he was on his way to meet his doom.

By God’s grace, Nathan entered his life and saved him from himself. I think of those times that when I was most alone, God put someone in my life to help me up. David’s contrite heart helped him undertstand the hole in that could only be filled by God.

When you are feeling down and out, who do you turn to? When you feel alone are you responding to those God is placing in your life? Who does your contrite hear cause you to turn to?

David was a  great example of no matter are place in life, we need God. We need him at every turn. Nothing else can fill that hole but Him.

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