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The Pursuit

Any weekend night I can get away down to Starbucks is a good one. Tonight, spending time with my wife over a cup of coffee or a pumpkin spice latte is just what the doctor ordered. (Actually, there is no doctor in this equation.)  This week I have been thinking a lot about marriage. The union between two people. Is it just me or is marriage the biggest blessing and at the same time the most difficult thing one could enter into? I often wonder how in the world people can do this without God at the center? It seems impossible to me.

Four years into my own marriage I am still learning things about my wife each and every day. While we were dating it was things like favorite meals, toothpaste brand, favorite Starbucks drink, favorite movie, or favorite past time. Now it has developed into something much deeper. I am learning my wife’s deepest needs. I am learning that staying loyal to her is the most important thing I can offer her. I am learning that pursuing her is not just something you do while dating, but something I’ll be doing till I am 100 years old or at least till I lose all my mental capacity.

It’s an interesting correlation to think about how just how she has this deep need to be pursued, while Christ pursues us without pause. Its makes me think of how Christ relentlessly pursued us. He went so far that he put himself at the hands of His captors, who put him to death. Scripture calls men to love their wives as Christ loves the church. Do you see the picture I am painting?

Christ has called me to pursue my wife relentlessly. Just as He pursued me and you to the cross. While I don’t always get it right, I know my wife knows that I am trying. Somedays I catch her off guard with a little surprise of her favorite coffee or favorite pastime. Nobody taught me how to love my wife with Christ’s love, it just came out. The more I read through Ephesians 5 and other passages, it began to hit me.

Meeting her deepest needs has become my life’s pursuit. If I am able to do all I can, I know she will be blessed. Why do I do it? Not because I feel like I need to accomplish something in my life, but its almost a natural reaction to Christ pursuing me. When it finally made sense to me that His love for me was greater than anything this world could offer, I needed to do something with it.

Marriage is a mirror to what Christ did for the church. It’s wasn’t necessarily a singular action becuase Christ’s death is to this day atoning for a number of sins, just as it wasn’t my I do at the alter that set things in stone, ity my constant, undying devotion to her that counts. It’s my daily pursuit that counts.

What are you pursuing? Men, have you figured out that your wife is a reflection of the church and you were called to give your life for her? Women, just as the church is asked to forgive others, forgive your husband. Give him the opportunity to pursue you. Take it easy on him. Once he recognizes his calling from Christ, you’ll never be the same.

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