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Monday Response

I’m back after a two week hiatus.

Yesterday I was drawn to a couple of conclusions in Scott’s message. First Christ is coming back and I need to be sure I am ready. Second, there will be a feast, and I want to make sure I am celebrating it and not fearing it.

Revelation has a number of grim reminders of the reality of life without Christ, yet so many turn their backs on him every day. The promise that He has given is one that we can rely fully on. His return will be the most significant thing this world has ever seen. It’s the the culmination of a plan that was written many years ago.

I loved the illustration of the wedding feast. Like any marriage, man or woman, we are asked to submit. So it is time to ensure that we submit our lives into the hands of Christ and give him the reigns.

If you aren’t sure if you’ve made the right steps to give Christ the reigns in your life, its not too late. Send me a comment if you are ready to make this decision in your life.

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