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What I learned from the DMV

I’ve been in the quest for a passesger CDL license the last two weeks so I can drive a bus for our After School Children’s program this upcoming school year. Every time I’ve been down to the DMV I have begun to learn one very clear truth: Monotony can be a dangerous things. The County government employees of the local DMV see to the same issues over and over again. The people who come up to the desk always come with the wrong paperwork and the wrong identification cards. Over and Over again they move people through the beuracratic process of licensing and testing.

What’s this say about what I do? We all have the same preconceived notions of what we’ll find at the DMV, but do we all have to fall into that trap? I wonder if we treated people like people instead of an ID card or another license. Even for those on the other side of the  counter, I wonder if we treated those at the DMV like people too, not just someone who is out to make our day worse off than it already is.

Is it possible for people like me and you to make a concerted effort to make someones day. Sure we have our ups and downs, but think about the last person you didn’t give the time of day too and think of that person whom you smiled at and greeted warmely and genuinely. I wonder if we were to make this effort if we could actually make a difference in the lives of people who may not know Jesus. I wonder if we could put our pride aside, our bad days, and just love people.

Just like me and you, Jesus had a bad day too. Days when a friend dies, days when your closest followers wouldn’t seem to listen, days when He was getting nailed to a cross. Did he lash out? Nope, he went out of His way to make sure that those around Him knew God’s love.

Next time you’re around a stranger, whether at the DMV, Starbucks, Kohls, etc. show someone the love of Christ and see what happens!

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