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Five Things from Rick Howerton

Over the past couple of weeks, one of the blogs that I follow, Rick Howerton, from Lifeway’s Small Group Ministry division has been posting a series called Five Things that… This has been really helpful for me to see all angles of small group ministry from the individual members all the way through the small group pastors.

If you’d like to check out Rick’s blog, I’d encourage you to do so! It’s been a real blessing to me and I hope it is to you also.

Five Things Every Small Group Member Needs from every other Small Group Member

Every Small Group Member deserves to know that their co-Small Group Members…

  1. view themselves as fellow and equal journiers longing to know God really and build a micro-Christian community together
  2. will utilize the spiritual gifts, learned abilities, and resources they have been given on behalf of one another
  3. are committed to the weekly small group meeting where we learn from one another, pray for one another, and see God work miracles when “two or three are gathered.” (Matt.18:20)
  4. hold one another accountable to the spiritual disciplines that birth spiritual maturity in us
  5. purposefully and passionately direct one another to God and His Words found in the Bible when concluding how to deal with a difficult life issue, make a major decision, or determine the rightness or wrongness of a moral dilemma

Five Things every small group member needs from their small group leader:

Every Small Group Member needs to know that their Small Group Leader…

  1. loves the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love’s their neighbor as they love themselves (Mark 12:30 – 31)
  2. understands that life is messy and that the leader will leverage the synergy of the group to help carry the load and remind the struggling group member of the hope that is in them in the messy times
  3. is espousing and instilling a biblical world-view
  4. is available as a sounding board and willing to give wise counsel when requested
  5. will make sure that no known financial, emotional, or spiritual need will be glossed over but that the group leader will coalesce the spiritual gifts, abilities, and resources of the group members to meet those needs

Five things every small group leader needs from their coach:

Every Small Group Leader needs to know that their Coach…

  1. is their confidant, co-laborer, and friend
  2. is available and honored to answer practical questions about small group leadership
  3. is praying for them daily and proves so my connecting with the small group leader periodically via phone or face-to-face so they can hear that prayer
  4. understands that the small group leaders they are responsible for need one another, can learn from one another, and become better by being together, so they welcome them into their home from time to time to discuss group life, encourage one another, and celebrate what God is doing in each of their groups
  5. is willing to come to the group meeting and speak into the conversation when the small group leader has been unable to resolve conflict, a doctrinal discussion has become a foolish and divisive debate, when the group is in rebellion and unwilling to consider multiplication, etc…

Five things every coach needs from their small group pastor:

Every Small Group Coach needs to know that their Small Group Pastor…

  1. believes wholeheartedly that life-change takes place best in small groups
  2. trusts them as leaders of leaders and is training them to be just that
  3. sees them as the key link to small group leaders and so, when considering making change in the ministry, will first engage the coaches, gather their opinions and wise counsel, and utilize that information in the decision-making process
  4. has the answers to and/or is willing to give them the resources that answer the questions small group leaders are asking them
  5. can and will be available to step into the mayhem when a small group has an issue that the small group leader and the coach have already tried to resolve but were unable to resolve
  1. August 5, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Wow. I am so very honored. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m hoping it is helping you and all of your leaders. Rick

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