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the dilemma with VBS

This week is VBS otherwise known as Vacation Bible School. It’s one of the few opportunities during the year when I get to be around hundreds of kids, watching them play, learn about the Bible, participate in crafts, and have a good time! VBS is always so much fun.

I think one of the main reasons I love VBS now is becuase my own VBS experience was less then memorable. I seem to remember only attending VBS one year and even then the focus was on the stuff you do and not so much on God. This is one of the main things I appreciate about it!  I see kids from the church, kids from other churches and kids from no church here all learning together about God and His love for us.

The dilemma that VBS creates though is many kids get so excited about what they are learning. This is how kids are, present something in a fun, hands-on kind of way and they can’t get enough. Kids don’t know how to leave their fun in one place though. They bring it home with them. Fortunately when many of these kids come home, they have parents who share in their joys. They have parents who can encourage their learning of the Bible, and help them through their questions. Unfortunately, a few kids go home to parents who aren’t encouraging their new found knowledge of scripture. In fact, some parents are finding that their child knows more about scripture than they do.

My heart goes out to these kids. They come home all built up with excitement only to be stomped on when their parents can’t relate to what they are learning.

I had a background similar to this. I was dropped off at Sunday School, VBS, and all the activities, but when I came home, I was never asked about what I was learning nor was I encouraged in my own spiritual growth. It turned into a routine and therefore religion began to grow, while my faith slowly drifted away. My prayer for these kids is that they may find a place where their faith is encouraged and they have parents who would join with them in growing together.

I pray that these kids would remember back on this VBS as one where God came alive to them and faith became a real thing!

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