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another Saturday

This morning I started my weekend off at the coffee shop. I love the sounds of the coffee shops. I love the sounds of espresso pouring, blenders blending, orders being given by customers and the baristas repeat of that order. I love the smell of the coffee shop. The fresh coffee smell is like heaven to my nose. It’s one of those place where I am truly comfortable.

The music is playing gently in the background and customers are coming and going. To use a line from the movie Mallrats, “I love the smell of commerce in the morning.” As long as it pertains to coffee shops. It wasn’t always like that though.Before I went into full time ministry, I worked in a coffee shop for several years. All those things I enjoyed about it were there, but I wasn’t paying too much attention to them.

It’s the simple things in the coffee shop that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed. Maybe it was because I was working 60-70 hours per week, maybe it was because I was there 6 days a week, where as now I am only here once or twice a week. But this feeling that I lost sight of what’s important to me, doesn’t stop at the coffee shop. I wonder if there are other areas of my life that I have forgotten how much I enjoy. Is it my home, my marriage, my ministry, my God?

I wonder why we tend to lose sight of the simple things that originally drew us to it. I remember when I first met Christ for the first time. A friend took time to tell me about Him and I was truly astounded. Once I got over my initial disbelief, it was like I met my best friend for the first time. I enjoyed the fact that Christ was my friend, He was there to listen, He was there to comfort, He was there guide. Over the years its been easy to lose track of what drew me to Him though. I put myself through school, hours upon hours of studying to try to know Him better, but I don’t know if it did.

I feel as though I knew Him best when I came to Him that first time. I feel as though when I heard His name, I knew that I was where I was supposed to be.

Life got busy, and I tried putting more knowledge of Him in my head. While doing this, all I did was bury the original reason I fell in love with Christ. Now I do everything I can to find those reasons which brought me to Him in the first place. I try to remember what it was to rest completely on His shoulder. I try to remember what it was like to know that He was my friend, He was listening, He cared.

I see people all the time who have forgotten their first love. They have clouded their judgment with so many things that they forget why they first came to Him. In the book of Matthew 19:14, “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” I hear this verse and I remember what it was like to come to Him as it were my first time.

Have you lost your first love? Have you forgotten what it was that originally drew you to Him? Take the time this week, to sit in a quiet place and reflect on what originally drew you to His love, to His presence.

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